Maison Christofle & cie (1830-present).French Silversmith.

After leading a jewelery house, Charles Christofle (1805-1863) founded the silversmith company that bears his name. In 1839, he bought the patents of gilding and silvering by electroplating of Ruolz and Elkington.  The success of Christofle continued during all the 19th Century and the company was awarded at all the Universal and International Exhibitions all around the world.

In France, Christofle & Cie, helped in its creations by Edouard Lievre and Emile Reiber, was with Gabriel Viardot, l’Escalier de Cristal, Alphonse Giroux... one of the leading propagator and inventor of  the Japonisme (Japanesque) style..

Its creations can be founded in worldwide museums and major collections.






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"Archaïc Chinese" Vase


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Lidded "Persian" Vase